Dr. Namrata Ray

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Dr. Namrata Ray
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Chemistry
Date of Joining 7th August 2020
Address 1AA/13 Anupama Housing Complex, Phase 2, VIP Road, Kolkata 700052
Phone No. +91 9883239333
E-mail nr.2610@gmail.com
Academic Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D.
Area of Specialization Organic Chemistry
Courses Taught Chemistry (Honours and General)
Research Interest Organic and Bio-Organometallic Chemistry
  1. Understanding the riboflavin biosynthesis pathway for the development of antimicrobial agents-B. Kundu, D. Sarkar, N.Ray and A.Talukdar (authors have equal contribution). Medicinal Research Reviews, 2019, 1-34.
  2. Fischer carbene mediated covalent grafting of a peptide nucleic acid on gold surfaces and IR optical detection of DNA hybridization with a transition metalcarbonyl label- P. Srivastavaa, M. Ghasemia, Namrata Ray, A. Sarkar, J. Kocabova, S. Lachmanova, M. Hromadova, S. Boujday, S. Cauteruccio, P. Thakare, E. Licandro, C.Fosse, M. Salmain. Applied Surface Science, 2016, 385, 47–55.
  3. Fischer carbene complex with hydrophilic OEG-tentacles decorates antibody surface with in situ generated gold nanoparticles for rapid, sensitive, visual detection of proteins - Namrata Ray, S. Sawoo and A. Sarkar, Anal. Methods, 2014, 6, 351-354.
  4. Design of heat shock-resistant surfaces to prevent protein aggregation: Enhanced chaperone activity of immobilized α-Crystallin. - Namrata Ray, S. Roy, S. Singha, B. Chandra, A. Kr. Dasgupta and Amitabha Sarkar, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2014, 25,888-895.
  5. Covalent immobilization of active Lysozyme on Si/glass surface using alkoxy Fischer carbene complex on SAM - P. Dutta, Namrata Ray, S. Roy, A. Kr. Dasgupta, O. Bouloussa and Amitabha Sarkar. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2011, 9, 5123-5128.
  6. Engineering bio-active surfaces with Fischer carbene complex: Protein A on self-assembled monolayer for antibody sensing- P.Dutta, S. Sawoo, Namrata Ray, O. Bouloussa and Amitabha Sarkar. Bioconjugate Chem. 2011, 22, 1202-1209.
Fellowships and Awards:
  1. Qualified for DBT Research Associateship (2015)
  2. Qualified National Eligibility Test for CSIR-UGC JRF (2009) & SRF (2011)
  3. Awarded UKIERI scholarship for work experience and training (2008)
  4. Excellence Recognition Award at GSK, UK for contribution as a process chemist (2009)