Department of Computer

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Department of Computer

The department of computer of Santipur College has been functioning successfully since 1994 with the necessary assistance of the UGC and vocational courses were introduced during its inception. This department at present runs self-financing 1+1+1-year Computer Application (Major) course since 2005. The increasing demand of the students for seeking admission in the course is quite evident.

The objective of the department is to imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science and to facilitate student with modern technologies. A very healthy student teacher ratio of about 11:1, and the much-needed personal attention to every student making the younger department of the college an extremely close-knit family.

The Department has two software laboratories. The highly competent faculties impart quality education to the students.

It might seem that we lack in age and insight, but the department has produced scholars who are either perusing their master or serving in the government and private sector.