Department of Philosophy

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Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy, Santipur College was set up in the year 1948. It was initiated primarily as a teaching department for general course. But Honours in Philosophy has been started in 2009. At present there are two permanent faculty members, namely Dr. Gopa Bhattacharyya and Shri Chiranjit Ray and one Sact teacher. Many professors of other university have visited the department and delivered endowment lectures on different areas of philosophy. The teachers of the philosophy department are most enthusiastic and dedicated. Traditional method, audio-visual method, tutorial, class test and departmental seminar are being held regularly to improve the overall performance of the students. Teachers of the department, apart from lecturing to the classes have independently contributed much to the extension of philosophical knowledge by bringing out books and publishing papers. Moreover there exist homely atmosphere and intimate relationship between teacher and students. Most of the students come from poor and backward family and therefore cannot attend classes regularly as they have to provide economic support to their family. So the main challenge is to enhance the percentage of attendance of the students in classes and to motivate them to perform better in the university examinations. We the teachers, one and all are proud of our department and hope to keep the lamp of learning ablaze through our endeavour to maintain our high standard of teaching and research. In February 2017, the Department of Philosophy in collaboration with the Department of Political Science, Santipur College, arranged a National Level Conference on “ Adhunikata O Amader Satta : Niti, Rajniti O Darshan”.

Year of establishment of the department as General Subject-1948.

Year of establishment of the department as Honours Subject- 2009.


Tutorial, Class Test, Departmental Seminar, Quiz, Extension Lecture, Group Discussion, Mock Teaching etc.


***Dr. Gopa Bhattacharyya –

  • D.Litt.[Degree of Doctor of Literature (Specialization in Value Education) [Honorius Causa] by United Nations University [19th December, 2020].]
  • “Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Education Excellence Award 2020”, by International Benevolent Research Founadtion (Kolkata).

Intake Capacity (Honours):-

Year Total No.
2019 81