Student's Union

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Student representation in academic and administrative bodies
There is the provision of having a Students’ Union, elected on popular votes by college students. Presently the college has no Students’ Union because no election was held in the last two years as per the directive of the Government of West Bengal.
The elected students’ representatives elect /select
office-bearers among themselves to constitute the Cabinet of the Students’ Union as follows:
(1) The President – Principal (ex-officio)
(2) The Vice-President – elected from the elected students’ representatives
(3) The Pro Vice-President - do
(4) The General Secretary - do
(5) The Assistant General Secretary - do
(6) The Secretary, Study Circle - do
(7) The Secretary, Social Section- do
(8) The Secretary, Magazine Section - do
(9) The Secretary, Sports Section - do
(10) The Secretary, Common Room Section (Boys)- elected among the boy students.
(11) The Secretary, Common Room Section (Girls) – elected among girl students
The Students’ Union performs several activities all round the year. They organize various cultural programs like Freshers’ Welcome, Annual Sports, Annual Social, Independence day celebration, Republic day celebration, Felicitation programs, organizing Blood donation camp, Farewell ceremony , Magazine publication etc.
Students’ Union helps the Principal in day to day activities by helping to maintain discipline in the campus and prevent any untoward incident.
Representative of Students’ Union are kept in Development Committee that caters to the need of the students. Also the students union is consulted by the Principal while taking major decisions particularly relating to the students’ welfare, routine, holding seminars, programmes, internal examinations, Mid term and Annual examinations etc..
In a nutshell the Students’ union acts as an inseparable unit of the college.