Sri Nabendu Basak

Designation Associate Professor
Department Commerce
Date of Joining 02nd January, 2004
Address JF-9, Aswininagar, Baguiati, Uttarayan Apartment, Flat- 3B, Kolkata- 700159
Academic Qualification M.Com
Area of Specialization Accountancy
Publications (Books)
  1. Basak, N. (2015). Implications of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises on economic growth of India: Prospects and Problems. In S. S. Rinku Saha, Cost Competitiveness in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India (pp. 198-204). Kolkata: The Elegant Publication.
  2. Basak, N. (2015). Microfinance in India: An Alternative Source of Credit for the Weaker Sections of the Society. In A. S. Samir Ghosh, Financial Sector Reforms In Developing Economies (pp. 333-343). Kolkata: Rohini Nandan.
  3. Basak, N. (2015). Reviewing the Contributions and Challenges: A Study on Indian Informal Sector. In R. P. Choudhary, Recent Advances in Accounting, Finance and Management. (pp. 291-298). Kolkata: UGC-Human Resource Development Centre and Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta.
  4. Basak, N. (2016). Rising trend of Microinsurance as financial risk protection tool in India: An observation. In P. S. Suvankar Chakraborty, Contemporary Issues in Finance and Management (pp. 197-208). Kolkata: Rohini Nandan.
Publications (Journals)
  1. Basak, N. (2015). A Paradigm Shift of Credit Faciliation towards Unorganised Sector in India During Post Reforms Period: A Study. Journal of Business Management, Commerce & Research , 4 (14), 59-67.
  2. Basak, N. (2017). A Study on Performance and Challenges of Regional Rural Bank in Indian Rural Credit Market. International Research Journal of Commerce, Arts and Science , 8 (11), 1-9.
  3. Basak, N. (2013). Emerging Trends in Health Microinsurance and its Value Added Services: An Overview. Edulight , 2 (4), 168-172.
  4. Basak, N. (2017). Financial Trend And Risk Association in Indian Agricultural Credit: A Study. ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management Research , 7 (10), 97-107.
  5. Basak, N. (2017). Impacts of Progressive Tax Reform in India: Goods and Services (GST) - An Approach. Journal of Commerce and Accounting Research , 6 (4), 36-43.
  6. Basak, N. (2017). Rural Credit of Scheduled Commercial Bank at Post Reforms Period: An Assessment. Abhinav National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Commerce & Management. , 6 (11), 55-61.
  1. Continuous learner and willingness to improve with experience.
  2. Optimum utilize of time with best use of knowledge.
  3. Have positive frame of attitude regarding work.
  4. Believe in utmost sincerity.