Department of English

The Honours course in English was introduced in the academic session 2004-2005 on a self-financing basis. Since then there has been a steady improvement in the infrastructure of and facilities in the department. The department has always been successful in fostering interest in learning and education. This interest is generated by the frequent academic activities organized by teachers of the department such as seminars and conferences. Special lectures and talks on relevant areas of literary discourse are also arranged from time to time in order to provide our students exposure to the contemporary literary scene. “Texts and Contexts”, a students’ seminar recently organized by the department deserves special mention in this regard. Student participation is especially noted in the publication of our wall magazine, “Spark”, which is aimed at encouraging the creative acumen of the students, and in the cultural programmes that are held every year.

English is a global language and its applicability today is almost universal. The department tries to ensure that its students acquire a thorough practical knowledge of not only literature written in English but also the range of possibilities that the language itself possesses, and thereby prepare them for career in academic and other professional fields.

At present the department of English has two full-time teachers, namely, Prof. Avirup Ghosh (Head) and Prof. Anirban Bhattacharjee (Convener). Mr. Sanjay Debnath and Mr. Ayan Kr. Khan have been serving the college as college part time lecturer and guest lecturer respectively.

Our Faculty:



Holding Post

Prof. Avirup Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Head of the Department

Prof. Anirban Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor

Convener of the Department

Mr. Sanjay Debnath

College Part time Lecturer


Mr. Ayan Kr. Khan

Guest Lecturer


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