National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The NCC Department has commenced its journey in the year of 1958. Santipur Collge offers senior division training in National Cadet Corps as per the NCC Acts and rules. The regular students of the College who voluntarily join the NCC are groomed into disciplined and patriotic citizens with the motto of “unity and Discipline”.

There is a boys unit (Senior division ) under the able guidance of Lieutenant Dr. Sanjoy Dhara, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Associate NCC Officer, Santipur College and a girls unit (senior division) under the supervision of Smt. Gopa Bhattacharyya, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Santipur College.

There is a big firing ground in, Santipur College, within the firing campus. Cadets continuing to training up themselves in skill of firing, while other regular practice classes in connection with NCC training go on zestfully.

The cadets take part in several programmes like blood donation, tree plantation, world health day, anti tobacco day, yoga camp etc. It is heightening a moment of ecstasy on the part of this prestigious Institution with a glittering scrawl of NCC students spontaneously taking part in Republic Day Camp (RDC) in New Delhi and as such registering the vital ambit of this noble educational Institution.

Students undergoing such training renounced to their credit for wining scholarship in the concerned discipline.

Every year a good number of cadets who passed their “B” and “C” certificate Exam are smoothly recruited to different Defence related jobs.