Department of Sanskrit


The department of Sanskrit college is enriched with the quality and quenty of its students it has started Honors course in 2008 date of from its very inception, it is trying to disseminate the knowledge of Sanskrit literature through the methodical study of ancient and modern literature, composed in Sanskrit, the most scientific , logical and sublime language of the world.

Presently this department being run by 4 teachers who are well-versed in their respective fields. Three among them hold Doctorate Degrees.

To make the educational process more effective and attractive a number of different teaching teachniques emerged in the system of education, are being followed in our department. These techniques include flipped class room, designed thinking, self learning, gamification, utilization of social media, brainstorming, dramatization etc.

To breaden the periphery of wisdom of the students semester workshops etc. are organized in this department regularly. In 2019 we have organized a camp on spoken Sanskrit for 10 days in which near about 60 students have actively participated an got certificate.

In recent times our students topped in the University examinations. One student has cracked the NET exam.

This department is trying to cradicate the poisonous gangrene of our disintegrated society through the spreading of non-dualistic approach an Philosophy as envisaged by our ancient sages and great thinkers like Sankaracharya Madhusudana Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda etc. our national integrity camp only being found by following their sagacity and liberalism. The Sun of knowledge is scattering its purifying rays in our department to destroy all kinds of deluding darkness of ignorance to gift a knowledge based fearless and peaceful society. We cultivate the minds of our students produce the abstract crops namely wisdom truthfulness, non-violence, fearlessness. A manliness, compassion philanthropy altruism etc. student must bear the torch of enlighten to enlighten there next generation.

Faculty Member

Prof. Sreebas Debnath

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sujata Sarkar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Bandana Kundu

Govt. Approved Part Time Teacher

Mrs. Minakshi Pramanick

College Part time Lecturer